Certified Yogafacilitator

Develop as a Yoga Educator - learning how to design and facilitate transformational yoga experiences by understanding more about learning design, group development and psychological safety, as well as facilitation of different types of situations.

Have you ever as a teacher experienced that the dynamics of the group is more challenging to handle, that the energy is "leaking" or maybe that one participants behavior impacts the experience for the rest of the group? When leading longer experiences as workshops, retreats and trainings, we as teachers end up in situations that put demands on our leadership and capability to handle group processes in different ways than when we lead a yoga class.

In the foundational 200hr teacher training we learn yoga asana, philosophy and how to sequence a class. In continued education we deepen and widen our expertise wihin different specialisations. These trainings focus on different types of content, meaning what we share (forms of yoga, pranayama, meditation techniques etc).

A new and unique education

What is not until now included in any training, is competence around how to consciously plan for and facilitate group processes - especially in context of longer experiences. When we offer retreats, workshops and trainings, it is often with the purpose to invite our participants to deeper development, meaning that we invite them to open up emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. The experience is also taking place in a group context which increases the vulnerability and complexity.

In these situations we as teachers and leaders needs to take repsonsibility not only for what we share but also for how we do it - how we lead the process as such. Our task is not just to offer inspiring content, but as much to offer a safe environment that empower individual and group development.

Certified Yogafacilitator focuses on the HOW. We weave together threads from different yogic perspectives with contemporary theory on how to design pedagogical and safe learning & development processes and we practice to lead and facilitate different types of situations.

100hr Advanced teacher training

What and how you learn

The development within yoga over the past few years have increased the demands on the teachers competence in pedagogy and facilitation.

Shifting toards online or hybrid experiences combining online and in-person offers a totally new type of challenges in how to best create and facilitate pedagogical and transformational processes. And we learn more and more about the nervoussystem and the importance of offering emotionally and psychologically safe environments that are trauma informed.

In this trauning you will develop capabilities within pedagogy and facilitation, far beyond what is included in foundational 200hr. You develop deeper confidence in your own leadership and capability to facilitate different situations. You leave with hands-on methods that empowers you to intentionally create safe group processes for transformational learning and development. After the training, you have designed an experience that you are ready to offer your community.

How we learn

Inquiri based: here is not one right answer. We explore diferent perspectives on the same topic to learn about id from different diemnsions. We are all both students and teachers. With dedicated teachers coming together to develop, there will be an abundance of wisdom in the circle.

Experiential: A mix of theory, workshops, practicing and time for conversation and reflection. A learning process designed for active participation. Theory is as short as possible - most time spent experiencing, testing, trying and reflectiong on what we learn about how we can apply this in our reality.You can also expect playfulness and if possible - time in nature for integration. The training is designed based on the core principles and methods that what we will learn, to enable the participants to experience them first hand as astudent themselves. 

Multidimensional: We integrate physical movement, breathing and meditation as a way to open up for new insights, for embodiment and to enable integration of what we are learning.

Adapted: Theer is a clear curriculum, but the content and process is adapted to the needs of each group including the participants level of experience.

Module 1, Foundations of process design and facilitation, May 18 - 21 in Stockholm

Welcome to the first module 1 offered in Sweden! You can choose to only participate in module 1, but for certification you need to do the full training, including  an examination task.

More details about the content for module 1 is presented in the next section on this page.


For this training, we welcome a smaller group of 8-10 teachers to create the best pre-conditions for deep individual and collective learning and development.

Send in your application via email to: Please share  your previous experience of planning and leading workshops, retreats and trainings, your intention for learning about these topics, any specific skills that you would like to develop - and how you would like to develop your leadership as a yoga educator. Åsa will schedule a conversation around this and to offer more details about the training.


  • 4500 kr (early bird before 30 February)

  • 8000 kr (full price)

Including all training hours and a manual. Not including other litterature or food and accomodation in conneciton to in-person immerssions.

Course materials

The training includes a manual with a workbook. Participants will also be required to purchase a few books and listen to pod cast episodes etc for self studies.

Training content

Module 1, Online


We meet on Zoom to co-initiate our journey together, sharing our purpose for being on the training, starting to create emotional connections and creating clarity on the training curriculum and modes of learning.

Before the session you have received your manual, extended reading recommendations and a few reflection questions to initiate your process.

Module 1, in-person

Design-lab: Foundations of processdesign and facilitation

Rooted in perspectives from the yoga tradition and contemporary theory about group processes, facilitaiton and leadership development, we explore:

  • Our role as teacher, facilitator and educator

  • Theory on transformational processes

  • Different maps to apply when designing and structuring a process

  • Hands-on methods for how to open up, explore and complete a process

  • Foundations: what is facilitation + facilitation methods for different types of situations

  • Methods for ceating and facilitating emotionally and psychologically safe environments

Module 2, Online

Integrate, test and try

The period between our in-person retreats is where the real work happens. There are four streams of learning happening in this period.

Self study: you go deeper into your leadership development as yoga educator, supported by tools from the training. You also start designing your own retreat or workshop.

Peer-learning: you self-organize to meet up in a smaller peer-group supporting each other on your learning journey and leadership development.

Online reconnections: we meet in the big group for 2 x 90 min sessions via Zoom. Purpose is to keep collective momentum and leverage the support in the whole group.

Coaching: you are offered one coaching session to get support with your design and/or your leadership development.

Module 2, in-person

Facilitation lab: Develop as leader and facilitator

Deepening of theory, but mostly a lab where we focus on practicing facilitation and embodiment of our learnings:

  • Facilitating challenging situations

  • Creating emotianally & psychologically safe environments

  • Based on yoga philosophy, yogic values and contemporary leadership development: deepening insights about your role as a yoga educator and leader, as well as your authentic offering

  • Practical application: designing workshops, retreats and trainings

Leadership development for yoga educators

My personal purpose is to be a catalyst for expansion and transformation. I want to empower you as a yoga teacher to develop your leadership as yoga educator. I want even more of the many yoga retreats, workshops and trainings out there to be not only great, designed ways that increases the potential of transformation. Experiences that contribute to the deeper shifts that I believe our world so deeply needs right now.

I bring over 20 years of experience as a teacher, leader and manager, as well as working with leadership development, adult learning, learning experience design and facilitation. I am a multi disciplinary yoga educator registered as E-RYT 500hr with 1000+ training hours from different traditions and teachers. Based on this combined experience, I offer this training - bridging contemporary resources from learning design, facilitation and leadership development with yoga philosophy, values and practices - and applying this in the context of yoga experiences.

I want to join!


Teacher training testimonials

What some of the participants say about the first edition of this training
Linda Vikström Nielsen
An immensely valuable training that fills a gap in today's yoga community. Based on yoga philosophy and contemporary theories, this training adds new perspectives on designing and delivering truly special experiences. The approach is holistic and combines theory, a hands-on toolkit, sparring, and time to explore and practice. Åsa is the perfect guide with her solid competence in learning design in addition to being a much-appreciated yoga teacher. And she embodies what she teaches beautifully.
I highly recommend this training to anyone aspiring to offer magic yoga experiences.
Jeanette Guttenberg
I had the great opportunity to enter the teacher training even though I am not a yoga teacher. It was an immensely heartfelt and rewarding training that both magically united the group of attendees and let us not only learn from Åsa but also from each other. I would like to describe it as a smorgasbord of possibilities and insights. It helped me to intensify and magnify my well-being food classes by more consciously designing them with all senses in mind.
To learn, work and experience with Åsa puts me always on a great, challenging and enjoyable learning curve.
Zara Tall

This was truly a transformative experience ❤️
Åsa has created a beautiful training that really have helped me in my journey as a leader of groups. She brings knowledge and science to help explain experiences that I’ve had on retreats and classes in a new way. And she does it with so much love and safety 🙏🏻 Thank you Åsa ❤️