Develop your individual yoga-ness

Weekly courses

Weekly courses are offered in-studio, with option to join live online via Zoom. Classes are themed and adapted to the seasons of nature, using the 5 phases in Traditional Chinese Medicine as our map. All classes include movement sequences, relaxation and meditation.

For those on Facebook, there is also a digital community for all on the weekly courses where I share deeper inspiration connected to each season.

We welcome max 12 people in the studio and offer a personal and inclusive experience - welcome as you are! We have yoga mats and all other props that you need, but you can also bring your own if you like.

Tuesdays 19.00 - 20.30 

Dynamic flow

Classes intended to awaken our energy and deepen awareness of multiple dimensions of self through more dynamic and sometimes vigorous movement. Suitable for you who have previous experience of yoga or other types of movement practices/exercise.

August - December, week 34 - 48 (no class w44)
13 classes x 90 minutes

2340 SEK
Thursdays 19.00 - 20.30 

Restorative Yin 

Yin is the feminine energy, with qualities like slowness, acceptance, and deep nourishment. We stay in the positions for a longer time - slowing down to empower our inner listening and capacity to be with our experience as it is, and ourselves as we are.
No previous experience needed.

August - December, week 34 - 48 (no class w42 + 44)
13 classes x 90 minutes

2340 SEK
Sundays 19.00 - 20.30 

Slow flow

Simple but deep is the essence of this class. We journey into our being through a sequence of slowly flowing movements, inviting you to really feel the deeper layers of the experience. Classes also include yin and restorative postures. No previous experience needed.

August - December, week 34 - 48 (no class w43 - 44)
13 classes x 90 minutes

2340 SEK
Reccuring event

MyYoganess immersion

3 hour long classes intended to offer a deepening experience - always in relation to the season of nature. The immersions include rituals, meditation, yoga and exercises like journaling to support you to go deeper. No previous experience needed.

Dates to be added!