Design & facilitate transformational yoga experiences

You probably know what it feels like to participate in a magical, transformational yoga experience. An experience that touches you deeply, that guides you to access new dimensions of who you are and leaves you with greater capacity to live your life from a place of love. It might even feel a bit like magic.

Designing the web, connecting each parts into a whole

But have you ever thought about the mastery that goes into designing that invisible web in the background? The structure or “connective tissue” that weaves all the elements together in a way that creates flow and elevates it into a holistic experience? Why is it that in some circles you feel at home and at ease quicker? Why do some teachers spend time on specific rituals in the opening and initiation of a retreat? Have you noticed how the theme of a morning yoga class is consciously chosen to create readiness for a specific workshop later during the day, how a specific song or poem seems to magically be shared at the right moment or how reflection time is balanced into the experience to enable integration? You are about to learn some magic!

Are you "stacking sessions" or designing a holistic experience?

We can stack sessions or exercises that are awesome one by one after each other like a string of beads and for sure offer a good workshop or retreat. But what is the difference between a good workshop and an experience with potential to empower a transformational process? It is about how the creator designs it with intention. Starting from a vision for what he or she wants to create, and then consciously fit the different pieces together in a way so that each part or session elevates and contributes to the other, as well as the bigger vision. ANd with attention not only to the what (the conetnt of the sessions) but as much to the how (the underlaying process and energetic space for the experience). The whole becomes more powerful than the sum of each separate part - no matter how good each separate session is. For the participant, it seems like magic - but is actually the fruit of the mastery of its creator.

That craftsmanship is what this teacher training is about. To make the invisible magic visible.

100hr Advanced teacher training

What and how you will learn

In this training you will grow your leadership confidence and facilitation skills, learn to intentionally design experiences for different purposes and get hands-on tools. After completing the training you have designed a workshop or retreat that you are ready to offer your community.

Together we explore and experience application of contemporary methods on learning design and facilitation. We will use our creativity to uncover how we can integrate these insights with considerations for the philosophical underpinnings of retreats and trainings. There will also be space for you to articulate what is your own unique, individual offering in this world. What have you been trained for? What is your work?

Inquiry based and experiential learning

You can expect an inquiry-based training without ‘dogma’ where multiple perspectives are welcome and where we are all both students and teachers. An experiential learning environment where we co-create, try things out, then reflect and ground our learnings into our individual contexts. There is a clear curriculum for the training but we will also adapt parts of the workshops to focus on topics of interest for each specific group.

We start and end each day with movement, yoga and meditation as a way to process, integrate and embody our learnings. There will be a balance between theory, workshops, practice and time for reflection and integration. You can look forward to playfulness, dancing, singing and being in nature.

Teaching is held in English. For you who are registered with Yoga Alliance,
this is certified as continued YACEP education.

Application opens February 2022

We are a small group of max 10 students to enable a personalised learning experience and safe learning space for all. Apply by sending an email to and I will schedule an alignment conversation for you to ask any questions and get to know me, for me to learn more about you, why you are feeling called to join this training - and then we can finalize your registration.

Find more details about the content and structure of the training in the sections below.

Tuition fee
  • 100hr training: 18 000 SEK

  • 50hr (Design module or Facilitation/Leadership module): 10 000 sek

  • The price includes a rich manual incl workbook and templates
    (excl. referenced books and other literature)

  • Reservation fee of 5000 SEK invoiced upon sign-up, second payment invoiced 60 days before the training starts. Reservation fee is non-refundable. The full fee is only refundable with a doctors certificate.

  • Food and accomodation not included

Leadership development for yoga educators

My personal purpose is to be a catalyst for expansion and transformation. I want to empower you as a yoga teacher to develop your leadership as yoga educator. I want even more of the many yoga retreats, workshops and trainings out there to be not only great, designed ways that increases the potential of transformation. Experiences that contribute to the deeper shifts that I believe our world so deeply needs right now.

I bring over 20 years of experience as a teacher, leader and manager, as well as working with leadership development, adult learning, learning experience design and facilitation. I am also a multi disciplinary yoga educator registered as E-RYT 500hr with 1000+ training hours from different traditions and teachers. Based on this combined experience, I offers this new training - bridging contemporary resources from learning design, facilitation and leadership development with yoga philosophy, values and practices - and applying this in the context of yoga experiences.

I want to join!

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Training content

Live Online


We meet on Zoom to co-initiate our journey together, sharing our purpose for being on the training, starting to create emotional connections and creating clarity on the training curriculum and modes of learning.

Before the session you have received your manual, extended reading recommendations and a few reflection questions to initiate your process.

In-person retreat 1

Explore and experience

Our first in-person module is an experience rich and generous on content. Guided by contemporary & yogic resources we discuss different perspectives on what transformation is and maps for transformational processes, how to design and sequence longer experiences, how to generate a strong & safe energetic container, and our role as leader in a group process.

We start and end each day with movement, yoga and meditation as a way to experience, process, integrate and embody our learnings.

Thursday - Sunday

Live Online

Integrate, test and try

The period between our in-person retreats is where the real work happens. There are four streams of learning happening in this period.

Self study: you go deeper into your leadership development as yoga educator, supported by tools from the training. You also start designing your own retreat or workshop.

Peer-learning: you self-organize to meet up in a smaller peer-group supporting each other on your learning journey and leadership development.

Online reconnections: we meet in the big group for 2 x 90 min sessions via Zoom. Purpose is to keep collective momentum and leverage the support in the whole group.

Coaching: you are offered one coaching session with Åsa to get support with your design and/or your leadership development.

In-person retreat 2

Co-creating the new

Our second in-person module is mainly participant led and focused on deepening our perspectives and insights around design and facilitation. Each person gets an opportunity to facilitate a type of session that is a learning edge to them, and then get feedback from the group. We also do learning debriefs to deepen the general learnings.

We end with a closing circle to complete our journey together and turn our attention to the future.

Thursday - Sunday

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Teacher training testimonials

What some of the participants say about the first edition of this training
Linda Vikström Nielsen
An immensely valuable training that fills a gap in today's yoga community. Based on yoga philosophy and contemporary theories, this training adds new perspectives on designing and delivering truly special experiences. The approach is holistic and combines theory, a hands-on toolkit, sparring, and time to explore and practice. Åsa is the perfect guide with her solid competence in learning design in addition to being a much-appreciated yoga teacher. And she embodies what she teaches beautifully.
I highly recommend this training to anyone aspiring to offer magic yoga experiences.
Jeanette Guttenberg
I had the great opportunity to enter the teacher training even though I am not a yoga teacher. It was an immensely heartfelt and rewarding training that both magically united the group of attendees and let us not only learn from Åsa but also from each other. I would like to describe it as a smorgasbord of possibilities and insights. It helped me to intensify and magnify my well-being food classes by more consciously designing them with all senses in mind.
To learn, work and experience with Åsa puts me always on a great, challenging and enjoyable learning curve.
Zara Tall

This was truly a transformative experience ❤️
Åsa has created a beautiful training that really have helped me in my journey as a leader of groups. She brings knowledge and science to help explain experiences that I’ve had on retreats and classes in a new way. And she does it with so much love and safety 🙏🏻 Thank you Åsa ❤️