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My yoganess is about deepening the feeling of being at home in all dimensions of your self. Practice guided by the seasons of nature, remembering our relationship to that which is bigger than us - the Great heart.

Weekly yoga courses

Weekly courses are offered in-studio, with option to join live online via Zoom.

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30

Dynamic Flow

A more dynamic and vigorous yoga practice, including relaxation and meditation.

Thursdays 19:00 - 20:30

Restorative Yin 

Restorative Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice where we stay in postures for sometimes up to 5 minutes or more.

Sundays 19.30 - 21.00

Slow Flow

Slowly flowing movements, inviting you to really feel the deeper layers of the experience.

Recurring event

MyYoganess immersions

Longer classes offering a deepening experience - always in relation to the season of nature.

Advanced teacher training, 100hr

Design & facilitate transformational yoga experiences

Leadership development for yoga educators

As yoga teachers we learn about yoga and how to sequence a class. But I have not yet seen content about how to safely design, sequence and facilitate deeper and more transformational experiences in the curriculum of a yoga teacher training. Neither training in how to be a leader of the group dynamics through such a journey. It is about time!

In MyYoganess teacher training, you will grow your leadership confidence and facilitation skills, learn to intentionally design and sequence retreats, workshops and trainings - and get practical guidance for facilitation. After completing the training you have designed a workshop or retreat that you are ready to offer your community.

We now open for applications for the first training in Sweden!

About Åsa

I want to meet you in our shared humanness. In the paradox of the raw messiness of life as it is - togeher with a strong sense of hope and deep rooted joy of being.

Testimonials, MyYoganess weekly courses

Love letters from the tribe

Christina Stenberg
Slow Flow/Yin
Yoga with Åsa brings me calmness and energy on a cellular level. All thoughts slow down and no matter what happened during the day, everything lands in stillness. Diverging thoughts and being in too much in my head during the day is shifting and I return in my body and being again. After class, as I walk the little hill down from the studio,
I feel calm, energetic and in my body.
Manuela Engström
Dynamic Flow
Åsa’s magical yoga classes have been a major part of my journey finding a better balance in life. Yoga has brought me physical health and strength, but more importantly peace and an over all feeling of well being! I have realised that it is such a gain to take myself the time to stop and reflect, to take care of myself and recharge some energy to be able to carry on. Åsa has the natural ability to connect what’s going on in society, the season and in peoples bodies & minds with her choice of exercises and reflections. It’s inspiring, helpful and cherishing to attend Åsa’s yoga classes and you get easily addicted to it. Not to forget to mention that entering MyYoganess cosy and inviting studio space feels like leaving the world for a while, being in some delightful space somewhere else.
Slow Flow/Yin
Jag har provat yoga hos andra och gör ibland själv, med inget slår yogan som Åsa ger. Det är så mycket mer än bara yoga och det är svårt att beskriva i ord vad detta mer är. Att yoga hos Åsa har gjort mig ”hemma” i mig själv (och bland andra) och det är lika mycket yoga för huvudet som för kroppen (om inte mer!). Yoga hos Åsa har gett mig en flera ”redskap” i vardagen; vad behöver jag, vilka är mina gränser, vad innebär att vara ”full hearted” m.m. Jag älskar kombinationen av allt Åsa ger, med hänsyn till årscykler och olika reflektioner. Jag älskar att yoga med MyYoganess.
Paulina Pajak
Slow Flow/Yin
I tried yoga before with other teachers but was as not convinced about that it was for me - I could not really feel it. After the first class with Åsa, I new it would be a fantastic new journey. She has amazing ability to bring your body soul and mind together to enhance your integrity. The experience she creates is beyond expectations every time you come to the mat. Once you try a MyYoganess experience, it is difficult to find a better person to practice with and any better studio to be in.
Ulrika Folkesson
Dynamic Flow
The yoga classes with Åsa have helped me through the most difficult time of my life. What Åsa share in words and postures and the atmosphere she creates, make me become whole with body and soul and strong in the belief in who I am as a mother.
Linda Gunnarsson
Dynamic Flow
This is a beautiful yoga for both body and soul. The yoga is taught in a very allowing and safe environment, where I can be fully with myself. It is a privileged space for self-reflection, growth and exploration. I feel guided in a powerful, yet gentle way where everything is right.
Jeanette Nobes
Dynamic Flow
The way you teach your yoga classes resonates with me. It is relaxation for body and soul to go into the seasonally relevant moves. You have a lovely way to show how everything and everyone is connected. I feel good every single time a lesson finishes and can’t wait for the next to begin.

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